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Magnolia tree unwell 😭



  • Borderline! Thanks for the advice. I will plant in the garden tomorrow, is it ok to plant in garden soil? Obelixx mentioned erocaceous compost.... fingers crossed! 
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    Most Magnolia Grandifloras can grow in neutral and even alkaline soils. But it is best to check your soil type first. If you see neighbouring gardens growing Camellias, chances are you have neutral to acidic soil. You can mix in plenty of ericaceous soil and keep top dressing with more every year, it's most likely OK. Make sure the planting hole is big enough, and make sure the soil surrounding it is not compacted and add grit if it's quite heavy. I think it will be more happier long term.
  • Brilliant! brilliant! I’ll do just that. Many thanks everyone x
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,439
    Mine is in neutral soil. It is 25 ft high and flowers every year. I do very little to it except sweeping up the leaves.
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,846
    Mine is in neutral to slightly acid soil but the tap water is very slightly alkaline and, as we live in a drought area I gave it loads of water to perk it up, hence all the ericaceous compost and feeding.

    Grandiflora will be much happier in the ground if you can plant it out.  It will need watering in well and also thru any dry spells while it gets its roots out and down to find nutrients and water for itself.
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