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Hedge growth

We planted privet plants a year ago and they are growing well - the plants lost some leaves over winter, but new buds are coming.
We would like some height as soon as possible so I'd like recommendations on mulch or pellets please. Have I missed the boat now the buds are coming, or will it help? 
We have bindweed and marestail which concern me too. 


  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,670
    A mulch to keep down any competition from weeds and keep moisture in would be good, although it won't stop bindweed or marestail if they're already in amongst the privet roots - you'll need to pull out what you can of those and consider carefully painting the regrowth with a gel weedkiller. 
    You can use a general fertiliser (such as blood, fish and bone or growmore) any time in spring/early summer but the most important thing is to keep them well-watered.  Don't forget that wind is very drying even if it's not hot and sunny.
  • Thanks, Jenny :) 

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