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What is this houseplant please?

I'm looking after this for a neighbour and said I would identify it but I can't find it in my houseplant book. All thoughts welcome, thanks


  • Yes I agree it's an umbrella plant i had one for years which I ended up giving away as it grew to big for my lounge 
  • Just looked at a few images of umbrella tree but this plant has shorter matt leaves. I will try to take a closer pic of the leaves and give something for perspective of size
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    It is definitely Schefflera sp.
    Look at the is like a wheel with the spokes /leaflets radiating round in a circle.

    In the wild in tropical countries they grow huge.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • That does look more like it.  I think it was the general leggy habit that this one has that fooled me, but that is probably from it being neglected in a dull laundry room for years and only in the last 9 months has it been in a more suitable place. The pictures in my houseplant book suggest it should have a shorter main stem with lots of clusters of leaves, looking longer than the leaves it actually has.  But the arrangement of the leaves is right.
    The owner is about to move from Aberdeenshire to Yorkshire and is hoping for tips on where and how best to keep it.  I would say it needs repotting quite urgently (like my poinsetta in the background of the pic!) and if it were mine I might be tempted to cut back one of the stems quite a way to see if it would bush out. It looks to have some potential new shoots on the stems so maybe with better care it will shoot by itself.
    I will warn him that it might grow big - but does it grow quite slowly?
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