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G.W. free dahlia Seeds

helentofthelentoft Posts: 24
l planted my seeds in seed compost the week the magazine came. They were in a covered seed tray. Only three seeds have germinated. Having never grown dahlias from seed before I don’t know what their germination rate is like. What is other people’s experience?


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 738
    I don't know when the free seeds were given as I no longer buy the magazine, so a bit more info would help.  They need warmth to germinate, even if that's just a sunny windowsill. I grow from tubers now but when I grew Bishops Children a couple of years ago I got good germination rates.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,178
    Have a look at this thread @helentoft , and see if it's of any help
  • I sowed some dahlia seeds on the 9th of march and covered the pot with a plastic bag and placed a south facing windowsill. Dont have a heated propagator. Seeds have already started germinating. I have never had any issues with dahlias germinating.

     I also have dahlia seedlings in the garden growing happliy with no help from me. They grew from dahlias which have self seeded. 
  • These are some of my free G.W dahlia seeds which I sowed approx 10 days ago.  Only the seedlings with more than two leaves are going to be transplanted into 3" pots tomorrow.
  • I'm going to seeding dahlia flowers, and I appreciate some advice above.
    I read about tips on starting dahlia seeds on gardeninghowknow, gardenersworld or agreenhand (I'm not sure). And there are few steps that I remember:
    1. Prepare the germination tray with a layer of potting soil
    2. Sprinkle the seeds over the surface of the potting soil
    3. Spray when the top soil is dry
    4. Protect the seeds by transparent film covers
    5. Remove film when Seeds Sprout
    6. Pot the seedlings
    7. Watering the seedlings

    Love is the simplest thing we can give, why not #AGreenhand

  • There is an article in the new Gardeners World and how to plant the Dahlia seedlings once they have gerninated.  I haven't read it yet, but it may help you helentoft and anyone else who is not sure what to do next.
  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 266
    The Bishops Children dahlia germinated for like weeds though the flowers themselves were not up to much!

    Ps I think they were promiscuous!

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