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Climbing Rose

Hi my climbing rose is healthy as you can see on the picture on the left side of our home-made arch,  it has lovely white flowers not profusely though, so I read if I tied in the whispy growth and lie horizontally it encourages more nice blooms through the Summer. I've fed, mulched and would appreciate your thoughts fellow gardeners 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,626
    They definitely need tying in to protect them from wind as much as encourage more blooms to form.   Flapping around to the side of the arch isn't going to do it much good at all.

    You could bend a couple over that arched piece of trellis too.
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  • ValleysgirlValleysgirl Posts: 296
    Suns out now here in  SE Wales, so in between potting on last years perennials from 9cms to 11cms managed to tie in most wispy growth and pruned 2/3 as well as you said  Obelixx . Fingers crossed for a better show of white roses in the summer, right back too potting on and doing some Pinks we had left from last year, eventually will find a spot in the back garden on a bank its best place for them as it's nice and sunny up the top soil is quite dry .
  • ValleysgirlValleysgirl Posts: 296
    We had a profusion of Roses last year after tying in the whispy shoots as Obelixx suggested, this pic is now so will I have loads of flowers again or do I cut back all the fresh shoots to encourage flowering.
  • ValleysgirlValleysgirl Posts: 296

  • ValleysgirlValleysgirl Posts: 296

    Rose lovers what's the name of my Rose, lost label years ago so umh  any ideas ? Thanks 
  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,673
    IIRC I believe Marlorena thought it was Mme. Alfred Carriere? 
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