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Sundaville Mandevilla - indoors - died over Xmas

I bought this beautiful plant at the GW show last year. The intention was to grow it indoors up an obelisk. It was doing really well and looked lovely, was thrilled to bits with it. However, over Xmas I decided to hang a few baubles and fairy lights (led battery lights) on the obelisk. I can't believe this could have caused the death of my lovely plant but within two weeks it just died.???


  • BrexiteerBrexiteer Posts: 955
    How often was it watered 
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,316
    Are you sure its actually dead Vivien? Even indoors, they tend go dormant over winter, will lose some leaves and need to be kept reasonably dry, but not bone dry. As the days lengthen, it might perk up again. If you haven't dumped it, try cutting it right back and see it it gets going again. If the bulbs in your fairylights are LED (not giving out any heat to frazzle the leaves) then those and the baubles shouldnt have damaged it, more likely its to do with growing conditions/overwatering. 
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  • VivienVivien Posts: 42
    Thanks for replies. I suppose it could have been under watered as it doesn't need a lot of water but maybe didn't get enough. I have cut it right back but not showing any sign of life so far. will persevere. Thank you.
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