advice needed please Chelsea show

My wife and I are for the first time going to this year's Chelsea flower show yahoo!

Problem my wife now has to use crutches to walk a few yards but needs a wheel chair to go around the show. we do not have our own chair so I have hired one from the show ground but here is our problem.

we were going by coach for ease of getting there but I think it is quite away from the coach parking to the show where the wheel chair is located. could we get a taxi from the drop off point or could I get close enough if we go by car please help with ideas regards Lester  



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    My greater concern would be that your wife is likely to be very restricted in what she actually sees from wheelchair level.  Chelsea gets very busy so access to see the show gardens is likely to be extremely difficult.
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    Only went to Chelsea once hated it really crowded and difficult to see anything properly but that said if you already have tickets I would have a definite ideas of what you want to see and maybe even contact the shows organisers to see if they can offer any advice on how to get the best out of the show, less busy times etc
    i see no reason why you couldn’t get a taxi 
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    I agree with others Chelsea is a nightmare we stopped going about twenty years ago and swapped for Hampton court.
    A taxi would be your best bet if the coach is any distance from the entrance as they use to take you to the gates,  Don't attempt to drive it is all permit parking around Chelsea, plan your visit, and enjoy it is an experience for sure.

    If you get the chance to do Hampton court that is far better you can drive and park in the field and if you have a blue badge and book can you park just 50yrds from the entrance / wheelchairs we do this every year now since my wife became wheelchair dependant. oh yes and the staff are so very helpful and friendly.

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    I would contact the Chelsea organisers and ask about access arrangements for wheelchair users. 
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    Some info here on wheelchair access and designated parking if you book:;56557
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    I did Chelsea in a wheelchair in 2013 after surgery for new feet.   I could hobble short distances so was fine getting to Sloane Square area by tube but then was pushed.  Just as well as the London Tube network is not wheelchair friendly.  Even stations with lifts have steps to the platform.

    At the show, generally speaking, people are very kind about letting wheelchairs get to the front to see the gardens tho one designer was stupid enough to include a fence with a rail at eye height.   Only had trouble with one woman visitor complaining about wheelchair users and she was roundly told off by a complete stranger.  In my experience the crowd is different on public days - kinder, chattier, more friendly on members' days.

    The earlier you can get there and visit the main gardens the better.   It does get very crowded after 3:30 when the half day entries arrive.

    You do need patience and comfy shoes.  Clothes in layers as it often gets hot or wet.  Take bottled water and a sandwich as prices and choice are limited and there are queues.   Take a large bin bag for you to sit on as seating is also limited unless you're splashing out on a restaurant lunch.   The wheelchair will be handy for hanging the bags of goodies.   Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged and the memory card is empty. 

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    I'm 6ft tall and Hubby is 6ft 2 and we struggled to see everything at Chelsea.
    We too have given up going  and haven't been in over 20 years. 
    Too crowded by far.
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    There is a very simple system where people move over to let others in when they'e seen and photographed the gardens and displays in the marquee.  Patience and a smile work well.   The two members' days are best.  I've had some lovely chats with complete strangers from may countries on those days.    Much more shoving and bluster on the other days.
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    Never done Chelsea or Hampton Court, circumstances don't permit, have enjoyed Malvern once and Tatton many times, but Chatsworth is my favourite. Stunning setting and loads of space, makes it much more relaxed.
    If you are looking for good wheelchair days out, have a look for plant fairs near you. They are often held in great gardens, and entrance is only about £3 0r £4, and most people stay near the plant stalls, so you get plenty of chance to enjoy the gardens without crowds.
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    I’m going to the Chelsea Flower Show in May with my sister. Staying with my sister for 5 days and this is one of our days out. 

    Fully expecting it to be crowded and will be prepared for all weathers.  

    I doubt ill I’ll buy anything as I have to catch a plane home but I’ll be taking notes. 
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