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Rose cuttings - queen E and Unknown florist rose

ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121
Hello all,

My boss received a very nice bouquet around St Valentine's (not from an admirer but a friend) in purple tones. It had a beautiful lavender/mauve rose. It had got dried unfortunately, but I thought, what the heck, I'll try to root it as I've seen it done on GW etc (I know that florist roses don't necessarily do well in colder climes). I've never tried to root a cutting of anything. While I was doing the florist rose, I remembered that the weekend before I had pruned my Queen Elizabeth - the prunings had laid on my lawn for a week. They were good green stems and they still seemed green. As an experiment I took the stems, cut them down to size and stuck them in compost at the same time as the florist rose. 

Here they are after two weeks:

The two in the front are from the Queen Elizabeth. What beast that rose is! What you see is all new growth (except for that big leaf). I am cautious as I have read that new growth is not an indicator of roots, but of residual energy in the stem, considering that these stems were just lying on the ground for a week, I think it's pretty amazing anyway.

The florist rose is just beginning to sprout a bit on that bud, but unfortunately, it seem to have some sort of 'water' damage. I was trying to remove a bit of fungus and I ripped the 'skin' of the stem and I then noticed that the stem was darkening as if water was making its way up the stem. Close up:

I still have hope as that little bud is sprouting. What do think? Is it damaged and not to bother with or should I try to cut the stem and start over (even if it will be very short). Thanks for reading this long post.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,837
    I'm sorry to be the bearer of unfortunate news, but that 2nd photo the cane is dead, just get rid of it and put it down to experience.. the black at the base and the ridging on the cane all the way up is a sign that the whole cane will shortly turn black..

    As for your QE roses, I wish you well with those, it will help if you remove the big leaf on the right hand one, but once again please be prepared for disappointment... the odds are more in favour of those canes dying off than rooting... but wait and see...   best of luck in any case...  
    East Anglia, England
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    I agree with Marlorena on the second rose. Last year I watched Carol on Gardeners World take rose cutting. I decided to try and took several cutting around September/October time put them in deep pots and left the to one side. I lost about 5 but 19 looked fine and starting to shoot. Today I look under the pots and can just see the start of roots. I asked on here the other day and was advise not to be tempted to knock them out till November so have put the back round the side. What I did was scrape the lower part of the stem and use rooting hormone powder on the scraped area. I hope your lucky and your rose makes it but as Marlorena said be prepared for disappointment. At the end of the day you have lost nothing and may even gain something.
  • ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121
    Thanks very much for your feedback. I'm pretty sure the florist rose stem is a goner. I'll see about the QEII rose. 
  • ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121
    Eh, these all died on me, lol. :p
  • I just used my Autumn rose prunnings - rather than putting them in the garden waste bag I put them into a cutting trench in the garden with plenty of sand and grit.  Last year I got 3 good rooted cuttings out of the 10 that I planted.  Nothing ventured .........
  • ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121
    I will try that Guernsey Donkey2. I don't really have room for any more roses though! Should I have any success I'll have to give them to the MIL  :p
  • Yes, I am sure she would appreciate them ElizaRose.  If they take root, pot them up - try to keep them in the pots for a year just to be sure they have taken before giving them away. Don't forget to water them throughout any dry periods and feed once or twice a year too. Good luck.
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