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We've been talking as a family about maybe not being able to get veg seed for a while after brexit and a possible increase in price. I know the following will sound silly but I really don't know the answer.

I know you can save peas, beans and tomatoes and peppers but what about things like onion, beetroot, radish and all the other veg can I save seeds from them and if so what do I need to do to make sure the veg plant makes seeds. Would be nice to be able to save some flower seeds but keeping the family feed is my main worry.


  • LynLyn Posts: 21,383
    There will be plenty of seeds to buy in Britain, harvested in Britain.  Why should we not? 
    If you sow seeds that you’ve harvested yourself you may not get the same. 
    I like fresh bought seed, I know then what will come from them. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    That's a good point Lyn I didn't think of it like that. Thanks for your reply I wont worry about saving them now.
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    Hi philippa smith2, Thank you for your reply I have just been reading about when a plant bolts but not sure when to gather the seeds. Do I need to leave them on the plant much longer than when they have bolted like leave then to go brown. I would like to save beetroot, lettuce, carrot, radish and some others in other words all the things we would eat. I'm not to worried about them not looking the small so long as the taste in not altered to much.
  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,278
    It's easy to get seeds from radish or beetroot, usually much easier than to get roots.
    As a bonus, radish pods are edible (when still green) and almost better than radishes.
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057

     Thank you for your reply edhelka. I didn't know that about radish pods will definitely give that a try. Will sneak them into family's salad and see what they make of them.
  • bookmonsterbookmonster Posts: 399 has good advice on this subject though i've not tried it.
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    Thanks bookmonster, I'll take a look I've started a file on my computer so I can rfer back as and when.
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    Hi philippa smith 2, you sound just like me. Family always say it's no wonder your not hungry when you in the garden your always eating. Thanks for the info, at the moment I have neither a greenhouse and we have a combi boiler so no airing cupboard. Regarding the greenhouse that's about to change been told if I get a new shed and its only 8 x 6 ft then I can have a greenhouse also 8 x 6 ft. Shed we have now won't last much longer.

    For now I could put a 8 ft piece of would across the kitchen window on top of the two end cupboards which is what I do to dry my flowers.

    Thanks for advice.
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    edited March 2019
    Dee, best avoid saving seed from any varieties which had 'F1' on the original packet as those won't come true, although some of the resulting offspring may be similar to the mother plant.  Some veg are biennial so you would need to leave some of the veg unharvested and they will flower and produce seed the following year (eg things in the carrot family.)  That involves sacrificing some of your crop and also makes crop rotation difficult so I would try planting a few of the types to want to save seed from in a separate area.  Flower borders would be good for that - carrots and expecially parsnips have very attractive flowers. :)
    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057

    BobTheGardener thanks for that, now you've got me intrigue and what to know what the flowers look like. I was thinking of putting some tomato's in the flower beds so will grow some extra and see what I get. Re the F1 I might get some interesting results with flowers so might give them a try but not the veg. I'm trying a different kind of tomato this yea called Yellow Delight.

    Thanks again.
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