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Bing Patio Cherry Pruning

I dont know how to train my Bing patio cherry. I got it last spring and it was T shaped plant. I planted in a large pot in with some broken down horse manure in a sunny position. There was vigorous horizontal growth from the two bars of the T and I removed growth from the stem.

I dont want the tree to get any wider - its probably too wide as it is. I dont know how to encourage it to grow up rather than out.


The fruit was great.


  • batwood14batwood14 Posts: 193
    Its almost like someone has already taken a few of the leaders out so hence why its growing the way it is. To get it to grow upwards, shorten the side shoots by at least half so that it can start to direct energy into shoots going upwards upwards and allow any shoot that grows from the centre to grow if that makes sense.
  • Makes sense, should i only encourage growth from the top centre or also from the shaft?
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