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A Rose but what to do with it ?

Found this lurking in the corner of my front garden.  Its a rose but what type and what to do with it. I had hollyhocks, giant poppies and other strange growths out there last year and this was hidden away in the corner How can I give it the kiss of life or should I just make sure it is not threatened by other plants  this summer


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,571
    It looks like a climber and it needs some support, bit of trellis or some wires on the house. Probably needed some pruning but it's full of new growth so, personally, I wouldn't bother this year, it doesn't look very old. If you like it and the flowers then you could prune it next year. I'd give it some rose fertiliser and, maybe, a mulch and see what happens. Then you could photograph a flower and see if anyone here recognises it.
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