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Moldy dracaena cutting

Hello everyone. I had what I think is a corn plant/dracaena fragans and it's stem cut in two. Around 3 months ago I made roughly a 7cm cutting from one of the ends, dusted it with root stimulator and soon after the tip started to grow mold. Despite this, since around 2 months ago leaves have started to sprout and continue to grow. I'm concerned that without dealing with the mold though, it will kill the whole thing. I'm not sure what to do, does anyone have any ideas? I've attached a picture of the cutting and also the top bit of the original plant if it helps to identify it.

Thank you.


  • Thank you for your advice! I have found some 3% hydrogen peroxide in the house. Would this also be OK or would you recommend the Sulphur powder over it?
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