Lidl bulbs and bare root perennials in stock.



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    It's difficult to know whether the GC you're visiting has horticulturally trained staff or not... but some definitely have; I worked in one locally for 7 years, have horticultural qualifications, and would be called to Customer Services to answer queries on a regular basis, together with 3 or 4 other members of staff who were also trained and/or very experienced.  I don't think any garden centre has the money to send staff to be trained, but there are some who think it's worth while employing trained horticulturists. 

    This garden centre also grew a lot of plants from seed, and sold them as seedlings in little pots, for less money than you'd pay for a packet of seeds.  Sadly they don't do a lot of their own sowing any more, because it no longer makes economic sense to do so.  Pity though, because there used to be coach parties arriving from considerable distances in the spring to buy their excellent value young plants...
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    I totally agree with the “Buy British” sentiment. And not only plants, but also produce. I try to always check country of origin on fruit and vegetables packages and go for local or at least british. Doesn’t always work, of course, but in a lot of cases we do have a choice and should support our growers. I say “ our” - I’m not even british my self, but I live here, so why wouldn’t I try and support british economy, rather than somebody else’s.
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    I do buy some odds and ends from the supermarket and stores, You are not a gardener if you can resist it all? :D
    But I think I buy most of our plants and more specialist plants from UK nurseries.

    Garden centre chains I am not keen on and rarely fund. But there is a goodish local independent one, though it does have some seasonal (Christmas explosion) tat, and other enticements for families I can understand why.
    They seem to have managed to keep going and do have some good plants at reasonable prices.

    I thought that the likes of Hilliers actually have expensive plants because they will replace them if they fail.
    How you prove that I am not sure. But to cover the expense they are more expensive?

    Though I am not sure it goes for the likes of Wyvale someone else can look that one up :)
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    Rubytoo I used to like Wyvale but now they are selling cloths, kitchen ware, china, fish, pets at the cost of the gardening section we hardly go there anymore. Sadly Dobbie's and Frost are going the same way as have's already the only true nursery to we knew of and went to on Sunday we came away disappointed as they've gone the same way. Must do an internet search and find some independent nursery as GC or the DIY GC don't have much different from the next GC  .

    I did read somewhere that some of the Wyvale garden centres were closing down.
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 1,935
    Surely the reason GC’s, the good, the bad and the ugly, are struggling and having to reduce plant stocks and diversify into tea and tat is the phenomenal explosion of online plant sales, rather than the odd SM purchase? Perhaps its a combinatiom. The good ones, if they hold their nerve, will hopefully survive. I find it frustrating when a shop of any sort that you liked and used to frequent begins to struggle so reduces its stock, then you can’t find what you want and stop trying after a while. Then it goes bust through lack of custom...vicious circle.
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    To be honest I have no loyalty if I can get a deal then they get my custom belive me they think the same you only have to look at some of the prices. 
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    Me either.  We have very few local nurseries/growers here.  I do visit the few that there are now and again to see what they've got, and will buy if they have something that appeals at a not-too-silly price, but if I went looking for a specific thing I'd more than likely be disappointed.
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    Thank you all for your comments. I still think the Supermarkets should stick selling food, then maybe Garden Centres wouldn't have to diversify so much and  would sell more plants.

    Maybe if garden stuck to selling plants and not become little more than coffee shops with some plants thrown in??????
    Customers of both supermarkets and garden centres all have the choice of spending or not.
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    @Nollie your autumn bulbs (on the receipt) might be the gladioli?
    Or the liatris which are corms? So maybe they call them bulbs, they tend to be a bit interchangeable when they are vaguely bulbous but not technically one :D
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 1,935
    I didn’t buy Glads, but bought one pack liatris and one of Gypsophila bare root, so may of been them, rubytoo. I have bunged them in anyway. I have planted anenomes at the wrong time they didn't suffer, so we’ll see!
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