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Feeding and Watering Regimes

Is it warm enough to start feeding outdoor plants now? I have some container grown veg and some in beds. It's fairly mild here in York, but we had a frost with frozen puddles yesterday. What sort of feeding and watering regime do you use for container veg and those in the ground? My onions were under-watered last year I think. 


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    I think last year can't be compared easily to a normal year. Most plants around the country were suffering from lack of water. 
    I don't usually feed anything for another month or so, but I did sprinkle a  little B,F&B round some of my shrubs when tidying and mulching a couple of weeks ago, only because the weather suited.
    I don't grow much veg, and it's mainly salad crops, so they're not even sown yet. They don't need a huge amount of water here either, as we get a lot through summer, but any pots, of any kind of plant, will get watered when the top inch of soil/compost is dry. 

    I think if veg beds are well prepped, they shouldn't need feeding just now. It's likely to get washed through the soil too. It could also promote too much soft growth which can be damaged by further cold weather. 
    Other 'proper' veg growers will offer more appropriate advice then I can  though  :)
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    Thanks! I'm just hoping my overwintered veg gets a move on as I want the pots for my potatoes!
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