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Buying 'spire' type plants - 9cm pot size

fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
Hi newbie here - can anyone advise regarding buying perennials (online) in 9cm pots? I am looking at things like lupins, delpiniums, hollyhocks and other 'spire' plants if that's the right word - so I believe I need to buy in groups of three as the advice is to also plant them in groups or do multiple flowers spring from one pot? Are they going to be very baby plants that don't do alot in first year or is this the norm to buy them like this (I have seen lupins for sale online in 2l pots for example but for much more money...). I have bought something in a 9cm pot before (i think verbena bonariensis) that went mad and was enormous within months which was a bit of a surprise, so im not sure what to expect from this pot size. Hopefully that makes sense, thank you in advance for any advice / experience of this :-)


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    9cm pots are popular in spring for perennials, and I think a good size in general for most plants. Some plants in larger pots, you can split them up as soon as you get it, so depends on what you prefer.

    Generally, most 9cm pots can grow quite big in its first year, so not always necessary to get larger size plants. Hopefully someone will advise on the three spire plants, as have not grown them. I doubt you will get that many spires in the first year. With perennial plants, you need a bit of patience, I'm sure the following year, they will have two or three times as many blooms.
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527
    If you buy in 9cm pots now, pot on into 15cm pots of good compost and let grow on cool, eg a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. When the roots fill the 15cm pot, they should be OK to plant out after a few days hardening off. (Leave out against a house wall to give a bit of protection. ) If you then plant them 40cm apart as a clump of three or five, you should get a good display this year, and better next year.
  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    Thank you @Borderline for the advice, its what i was hoping to hear as i am learning how expensive gardening is so this should help me (and our household budget, there's only so many plants you can squeeze into the food shop!). And you hit the nail on the head re patience! I am working on that :smiley:
  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    Fabulous, thank you fidget bones, will stock up on next size up pots and reuse the 9cms for seeds :-)
  • LynLyn Posts: 21,366
    @fizzwhizz. If you’re finding it a bit expensive, as I do, all those you’ve mentioned can be grown from seeds easily.
    they will be ready to plant out next year. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    Thanks @Lyn - I think I will definitely give that a go as well when i am less overwhelmed by new garden - you are quite near me relatively speaking (north devon) so do let me know if you have any higher success rate seed/plant variety suggestions as my own success rates vary wildly so any head start would be great ... i would love to find something else i can grow from seed which isn't cosmos & sweetpeas as lovely as they are! trying sunflowers for the first time this year but as my son grew one when he was five im hoping they won't be outside my capabilities! :-)
  • Hello Fizz whizz

    Last year I bought 3 X9cm pot 'perennials' for £5 from B and M garden centre. The quality was very good.

    This year they have Lupins, verbena bonasiensis and foxgloves which I have just bought 3 of each for £15!

    I think the foxgloves may actually be perennial as mine have come back this year, so hopefully this means more flowers this year!! (I only thought foxgloves could be biennial so was dubious)

  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    Ah fab thanks @Newgardeninggirl I have a b&m five minutes walk from my house! Could be dangerous for impulse buying! I have just discovered secret gardening club too which are mainly 9cms and many only £2 per pot - good reviews on gw forum so am looking forward to seeing what they get in 😁 
  • LynLyn Posts: 21,366
    @ fizzwhizz. I’m in Tavistock area.  

    Try a packet of Catananche seed,
    every one a winner and I think they flower the same year.  Put some in a rice/yougurt  (depending on how many you want)leave on the kitchen worktop, they germinate very quickly.
    These were sown on 19th Feb   Someone kindly sent them to me via Seed Swap thread, but I have bought the eBay ones before.

    I see J.Parkers are selling one plant for £5.00! 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Just googled catanache they are beautiful!!!
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