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Start again with mini pond?


We have a small container pond that we started up last spring. Since then lots of creatures have appeared (pond snails, beetles, some other unidentifieds!). We recently moved it from the ground into a raised brick bed, and it looks like it has been contaminated with soil/dust from the construction (possibly during power washing as we moved it completely away while the bed was built). It has gone from being lovely and clear to a murky brown 😟 it doesn't look to be clearing (been two days now and not settling at all). My question is should we drain it and start again (could fill from water butt) or leave it a bit longer?  I don't want to kill the creatures already in there though obviously... Thanks for any advice..


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,925
    MY wildlife pond has been crystal clear all over winter.
    Since the weather has warmed over the last couple of weeks, activity has increased and the water has gone murky.
    I guess it's just nature starting up for spring.
    No doubt the water will go green next, then clear again as the plants start growing.

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  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,748
    Personally I would leave it for another couple of weeks but monitor the pond life as best you can, if it appears that the pond life is affected then I would change the water straight away. Ponds do have the ability to sort themselves out if left to their own devices. 
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