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North west facing shade drawing and planting


I am new to gardening and have a North west facing garden and was wondering if anyone had a shade drawing they could share please? Can't seem to find one online, only the typical North, east, south, west orientation ones. 

If anyone had any good tips of what plants, veg/fruit and flowers do well in a NW garden it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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    To be honest, how much sun or shade depends also on what surrounds your garden. Tall hedges, trees or nearby tall buildings can alter how much light you get.

    But generally, there is no need for some plan. North Westerly just means your left side of garden gets short periods of morning sun, the back and right side will get most of the sun in the summer months leaving areas close to the property and with very late sun or no sun at all in the winter months. 

    Other important things include the type of soil you have. For instance, free draining sandy soils will warm up faster but will not suit plants that need more moisture in the soil. Whilst heavy soils may not suit plants that needs drier conditions. Finally, check the soil for the PH balance, as this will determine whether plants like Rhododendrons and Camellias can be grown in the ground nor not.
  • Thanks for replying.

    There's no trees or tall buildings around my garden. I will find out the soil type and the PH balance and go from there. Thanks for your tips. 
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