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Succulent leaves dropping off - help?

Megan-smithMegan-smith Posts: 6
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Hi all, 

I've had this succulent for a couple of years and it's been growing well. Over the last couple of months the leaves have started dropping off. It has been living on a North facing windowsill in my porch, I thought it might have been too cold given it being the colder months (England) so I've moved it indoors but they're still dropping. Also thought I was overwatering... So I haven't watered for a few weeks... But they're still dropping and now appear wilted (previously the leaves had looked a bit swollen).

Any advice is appreciated! Maybe it needs re-potting? 



  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,177
    Looks normal to me. Crassula Ovata loses leaves as it grows the same as any other evergreen plant. They do actively grow and flower in the winter so if you don't water they will consume their leaves and shed them to feed the growth. I take it there's a drainage hole in the base of that pot? It would probably help the plant to remove it from the pot and add some fresh soil underneath to bring the level up a bit. I would remove any leaves from around the base and top-dress with grit too.
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