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Belfast sink

Can anyone tell me what ratio gravel and peat I should use when planting up a Belfast sink?  I have tried growing perennials (geum, ragged robin and harebells) which looked great in their first year with plenty of flowers but during their second year in the sink they looked miserable, they didn't flourish at all.  I have now emptied the sink and found that the peat/gravel mix was claggy and heavy and I would like to try growing either semperviviums and bulbs (daffs) or ferns.  What would you suggest and how will I achieve the best results over a number of years.


  • I think you want at least 50% grit, and given there is only one drainage hole, err on the side of more grit, say 2/3rd grit to 1/3rd compost (JI#2 or similar.)
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  • I went 50/50 in mine roughly to grow herbs
  • Thank you for your suggestions Bob & Marc - I didn't use enough grit the first time and the drainage was poor, so I will try preparing it again over the next few months - the daffodil bulbs are still in flower in other places, so I will enjoy the flowers before I move them into the Belfast sink along with the sempervivium.
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