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Evergreen climber for 6ft north facing trellis

Any suggestions for climbers for a north facing 6ft x 6ft trellis?  It is there to provide screening from a short wall so ideally want something evergreen.  There is a hawthorn hedge to the west side of it at right angles which we keep to 6ft height. I would also like to try a clematis, probably one that i can cut right down each year.  Would there be enough space for this? I had been thinking of euonymous. It needs to be hardy.


  • Euonymus fortuneii 'Silver Queen' is a hardy variety, it would takes a while to cover your fence, depending on what size plants you can get hold of. A late flowering clematis of the Viticella group3 would look attractive climbing with it - possibly a deep purple like C.vit. 'Etoile  Violette' .

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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,199
    Or a Pyracantha, evergreen, white flowers in spring followed by nice orange or red berries, very stiff, but spiny and easily pruned to size. 
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  • Thank you. I like the idea of the euonymus. Is it very slow growing? I already have a pyracantha so wanted to avoid another.
  • Euonymus takes it's time to reach full height and spread, as mentioned in the link. However it is an attractive evergreen and easy to grow.
    A gardener's work is never at an end  - (John Evelyn 1620-1706)
  • OrlanaOrlana Posts: 8
    thanks. I will have to be patient  :) 
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