Crab apple tree and fruits still on branches

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Last year I planted a fairly young crab apple tree (Red Sentinel) which blossomed and fruited prolifically. I left all the fruits on the tree over winter to brighten the garden up, and in case it encouraged any birds to stop off and feed on them. They didn't. No surprise as there's not many in this neighbourhood at all, but I live in hope...!

So, I've now got loads of the fruits still on the tree, and I don't know what to do with them. I don't want to prune any branches as the tree is still young and settling in, and I'd like it to keep getting bigger to fill the space. Plus the fruits are on every branch.

Do I physically pick off all the fruit on the tree ready for it to bud again and produce more blossom this year, or do I leave them in place to eventually drop off naturally? What do I need to do with it now it's (almost) spring??

It's my first fruit tree - I'm much better with flowers and shrubs!


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    Just leave it be.   This tree is known for keeping its fruits right thru winter.   They'll drop off when it's ready and new blossom will come in spring.   

    All you need to do is give it a spring feed of general fertiliser such as pelleted chicken manure or blood, fish and bone, which are slow release and an occasional liquid tonic of diluted tomato fertiliser which is especially good for flowering and fruiting.   Pruning is only needed if any stems are damaged or crossing and rubbing.
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    Thank you!
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