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Trachelospernum help

Hello all.
I'm hoping some one can share some advice on this Trachelospernum jasminoides. It really doesn't look happy but is really holding on. I've been waiting until spring to be able to feed/ mulch it to give it a helping hand. Can anyone suggest what sort of feed or what sort of mulch I should use to help promote some growth. I'm confident it will come back just needs some help.
It doesnt dry out where it's located and gets plenty of sun so I don't think that's an issue.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,892
    There's nothing wrong with your plant...apart from the fact it's got too tall and could do with training sideways more along those wires... I might chop the top 2 foot off it... another thing I see is that you have a twist tie about half way up that could be loosened, it looks so very tight around 3 thick canes.. people forget about these things and they strangle the plant..

    You can feed with a balanced fertilizer if you want.. I sometimes do mine, but they don't really need too much... at the end of winter your plant looks pretty good to me... 
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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,865
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    I was going to say much the same.  It looks like it's twining around itself instead of out along the wires.  A sprinkling of pelleted chicken poo, or fish, blood and bone meal, or an inorganic general fertiliser (Growmore or similar) won't hurt.  People forget that evergreens do lose leaves and grow new ones, just not all at once.
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  • Thanks for the advice. The plant was actually bought at that size in a garden I work in. There are 2 that look like this but then 2 in another area that are lovely and green and putting on growth nicely. As they've been grown up a cane they have twined themselves round each other and I think will be very difficult to un tie but I certainly give it a go if you think it will help.

    The tie you mention is flexible rubber that doesn't have any wire inside so has room to move with the plant until it self attaches. It's just there to keep it upright against the wall for now.

    I'll see if I can untie it and give it a good mulch and maybe a feed and hope for the best
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