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How to treat a retaining sleeper wall.

I have a retaining sleeper wall, which is four years old, and has lost all of its colour.

In the spring I want reinstate its former glory, by restoring the brown colour whilst at the same time apply any necessary treatment to prolong its protection against rot.

Is there a single product that will do both? Or is it best to divide the task into two parts (i.e varnish first, then apply an oil of some kind).

Please advise...


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,554
    Clean off any loose muck.  Let it dry thoroughly then a simple coat of oil will help waterproof it and restore colour.   I find simple olive oil for cooking - not extra virgin - with the juice of half a lemon added and shaken then brush on or wipe on with a cloth.
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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,857
    I use external wood preservative - lots available, e.g. from Amazon
    I use a stiff nylon brush to clear any algae and bits and 2-3 coats of preserver, lasts 3-4 years.
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