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Extremes of temperatures in the Greenhouse


Yesterdays temps in the GH  with the door open, were 114.6f night time were 30.7f.
( 0.7c and 45.9c, centigrade are not much use to gardeners!)

Today I had a day off work so took my beloved to Portishead on the Bristol Channel, very sunny it was too!

Some off the waterfront houses had lots of pots with plants  and shrubs in them.
In flower were the usual pansies, polyanthus and daffs, but what was amazing  there were gerbias, salvias hot lips, geraniums, pelargoniums (flowerless) and some blue flowered shrubs I did not know the name off.

Me I have Daffs, violas and hellebores in flower nothing else.

I would say it pays to be beside the seaside!


  • Choose plants that will tolerate this temperature range. Anything from S Africa will be fine. That gives you plenty of choice...
    Everyone likes butterflies. Nobody likes caterpillars.
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