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Another scam



  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Central southern Scotland Posts: 3,845
    There seem to be a lot about at the moment, most of mine are coming from USA
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  • GrannybeeGrannybee Sunny South EnglandPosts: 240
    I report every single scam phone call to the office of the info commissioner. Tedious but at times we can get several a day. It does work but takes time! As for that American recorded message....well  she is a real pain!
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,705
    The current ones that I am getting..

     The warranty on your washing machine is about to run out. (actually it ran out 15 years ago)

    The automated one saying the internet is going to be cut off. Press 1 for BT, 2 for anything else.

    The nice man from the asian subcontinent who says his name is Michael or James, who has  been told that my BT/Virgin/Sky router has a problem.

    The one who can get me a free boiler if I am on benefits. (i'm not)

    Pay for a funeral now (i'm not planning on dying anytime soon)

     One who can send a man round to put my money in trust so that it won't get spent on care home bills.  ( Ha bloody ha)

     This morning  one said they could get my money back on any bad investments I have made.  Yeah right, and how much will that cost me?
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  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 1,072
    I had one claiming to be from the FCA who said the bank owed me several thousand pounds. He rang back 3 times when we cut him off!
  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 2,797
    Someone rang to enquire about the car accident I had... my reply “ yes it was dreadful I actually died, how did you get this number?” 
    Silence and phone put down pretty quickly 
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,449
    edited May 2019
    nutcutlet said:
    I like the ones where you can wind them up a bit. I consider it a success if it lasts more than a couple of minutes and I'm told to f... off

    I had a friend who was brilliant at this.  He was a naturally talkative man, but when anyone phoned trying to sell him double glazing (this was a long while ago) he'd go into overdrive.  "Oh I'm so glad you've called, I'd love to have double glazing," and then he'd go on, and on, about what a terrible state his windows were in. When the salesman got a word in edgeways to try and make an appointment, Albert would say, "Oh, it's no use you coming to see me, you'll have to deal with my landlord."

    A bit cruel really, those guys were only trying to make a living.
  • philsphils Posts: 3
    Picidae said:
    The modern world, eh? What would our grandparents have made of it? 

    Some parcel scams end well
    Parcel delivery scams use different methods to get your money, your personal information or infect your device.
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 2,123
    I received a letter recently from someone in the Far East. He informed me that a client with the same surname as me had died intestate and he could get me several million dollars. It wouldn't matter that we were not related. There was a web address for me to get in touch. I didn't.
    But this is a new one for me.
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,565
    Ive had a few emails from Theresa, she’s a Medium and had a dream about me and knows I need help. She’s probably right😀
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  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 2,123
    Ooh, I could probably do with Theresa, Lyn. Perhaps she'll get in touch when she dreams about my million dollars.
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