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Betula Utilis Jacquimontil (Himalayan Birch)


I'm thinking of planting these trees in a new garden. I have heard that the root system of these trees is very good at lifting paving stones in its vicinity.

Is this true please?



  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,025
    I would think any tree planted right next to paving stones will lift them. They are beautiful trees.

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  • Hello hogweed,

    Distance from birch to paving stones is approx 2 metres. Any advice please. I have thought of digging a trench and putting in a root barrier.
  • I am thinking of putting in a circular root barrier when planting the Himalayan Birch.

    Deeproot manufacture different depth of barrier.

    1. 30 cm
    2. 46 cm
    3. 61 cm
    4. 91.5 cm

    Which do you recommend please? 
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