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J_clark1976J_clark1976 Upminster EssexPosts: 19
I have a 2 bay trees in a pots outside my front door and I have done nothing different with either and this has happened to one of them, what can I do and what should I do? 


  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,601

    Although you haven't done anything different, something has. In my experience, bay don't like cold wind blowing on them. Another problem could be a frosty night followed by early sunshine directly on the leaves. I notice the happy bay is in shade.

    I wouldn't do anything, yet, other than remove it from the cause of the problem, but when spring truly arrives, I would cut out the dead parts, feed it and work over time to shape it gently back  into its original form.

  • J_clark1976J_clark1976 Upminster EssexPosts: 19
    thank you for your help, i will take your advice, cheers
  • I don't have any pictures here to show you, my parents had two very old and mature bay trees, they were also outside their front door.  They were planted in large wooden half barrels and the roots had grown through the bottom and through into the garden path.  I would suggest that the containers are too small for your bays Jclark.
  • J_clark1976J_clark1976 Upminster EssexPosts: 19
    I have been monitoring the bays for months and worked out that the bay on the right has a water supply from the porch roof and the other bay on the left is more under cover. 
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,601
    Aha! The mystery is solved. That's your answer, then.
  • I tend to agree with Hazel.  Growing and siting specimens as such.  It is good practice to change places, also as with any potted or container grown plant, rotate it now and then.  Yes the soil tells us a lot.  Although one tub is healthy looking, I would go for giving the surface of the soil a loosening up.
    Regarding the dead leaves.  Probably pointless simply picking them off, as by this time the leaf stems have no doubt also died.  Take your time and get in there with your secateures.  Cut the leaf stem back just short of the adjoining stem, trunk or whatever.  Reason for this is.  Leaving a small bit of the stem etc, it is always possible that a new bud will develop and in time a new shoot.  Hope this helps.
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