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Fruit / veg under planting

Hi all we inherited an allotment which is slowly being tamed with lots of fruit trees & a huge raspberry patch, can anyone advise me on 2things; firstly there isn't much ground far away from under trees or raspberries but there is some, any thoughts on what veg/ fruit would grow successfully in areas that aren't totally open& I guess may not have super deep root run? Also all the trees dud better last year after I used greasebands& pruned s little it most fruit has either caterpillars( plums) or brown scabs( apples& pears) now Ive spent a lot of time weeding I can give trees a bit more attention if  anyone can help I would be v grateful thanks in asvance


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923
    edited February 2019
    scab on apples and pears is a mineral deficiency, so they need a good feed, grease bands will stop the majority of the boring insect larvae,
    some things will grow in the shade, fruit bushes being one, brassica's will grow in some shade, but most veg plants do better in full sun, you also have to be aware of any fruit tree roots making its way into beds, as you don't want to chop them off.
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