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Talkback: Potato scab

My Charlottes still haven't flowered, are they ever going to? And if they don't will I still have potatoes?


  • Gigi - I've grown charlottes this year and only had one or two flowers, and not on all plants, but I've had loads of lovely potatoes so far. Have a wee investigation down into the soil and see if you can feel any potatoes, get an idea of the size then decide whether or not to harvest.
  • I got my seed potatoes from the garden centre when they were giving away for free because it was the end of the season for them, but i planted them just in time and they have succesfully grown. But the thing is that they were a mix bettween earlies, maincrop and god knows what else. So when do you think the best time for me to harvest the lot of these will be?
  • I feel it is important to help native ladybirds, but a picture of what the lavae look like would be helpful for lots of people.
  • Good idea about photo of native ladybirds' larvae - please do it. Grown Nadine for first time, and in a container. Blight free, but a disappointing crop in terms of size and number of spuds. Why is that, I wonder (I did water regularly)
  • johnd- I find potatoes are such gross feeders that I do not get a good crop unless I put a layer of well-rotted horse manure over the bed in the winter. The worms drag it down. My friend was complaining her potatoes were the size of peas so I gave her one of mine - it was so large she made three dinners from it, so it makes economic sense too.
  • thanks Lainey - I took a delve down this weekend, and there are indeed potatoes down there!
  • First-time allotmenteer whose grown Pentland Javelin, Maris Peer and Charlotte - all yummy and been eating them since the end of May (Charlotte's grown in an old dustbin on the patio). What I want to know is: how long and how well will the surplus store?
  • whoops 'who's' not 'whose'
  • Are the scab infected Charlottes edible?
  • I have ants in my compost . How do i get them to go . LOTS AND LOTS OF ANTS. HELP PLEASE.
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