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Fruit trees at Aldi



  • I planted them last year. They didn’t fruit and even if they had I’d have removed them straight away - they need that first year or so to establish after being uprooted.

    You ‘Stella’ is on the Colt rootstock which is “semi-vigorous” ultimate height of 6m (20ft) so not suitable for a container.

    I bought another Concorde pear, hopefully it’ll be in better condition! Only one there so glad I went early.

  • Hi there I bought fruit trees a couple of years ago from Garden bargains, I didn't get any fruit for first couple of years, and I bought as small cordon tree, well they definitely wasn't, the hey were supposed to be braeburn apples, Stella cherries and conference pairs, only one was right  the Victoria plum. The other being I think a Czar as it nearly black sweet fruit, I think the pear was a comic really large weighing 1lb. Plus. The plums are over 10-12ft high and the Czar too. I have only had 2 apples of the  and the cherries very sharp. I am going to cut them down as I only have a small steep garden. I am now ordering from Pomana in Essex, ordering the Cordon type, none of mine were as described and I got the feeling they didn't care anybody had the same sort of problem? 

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 18,636
    Never heard of Garden bargains. But I have heard of you get what you pay for.

    Rather than “cut them down”, why not dig them up (only two years in the ground they won’t be difficult to shift), put their roots inside bin liners and offer them on Freegle?

    Give someone else a chance to enjoy them.
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    I rather wish  gardeners would buy fruit trees from fruit tree nurseries. This is where all the advice is available from people who have had a life time of experience, also customers can go back and receive help from these knowledgeable people. Supermarkets are for groceries, mostly!

  • Unless grafted onto dwarfing stock no fruit tree will be happy in a container for more than a year or two. If the trees are not described as patio trees they need to be grown in open ground. As long as they do not have leaves they should be alright outside in a sheltered corner until Spring, bare rooted plants should be planted as soon as possible.
    Newly purchased fruit trees will not normally fruit for 5 years from planting. They are babies, newly grafted and grown on rapidly for sale. They need time to establish a good root system which can take 5 yrs. before they are strong enough to fruit properly. If they do set any fruit before then the fruit should be removed, hard I know but the tree needs to establish itself first, then it can turn its energy to producing fruit. All trees should be staked when planting to avoid the tree rocking strong wind.
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    Hello! Is that info actual in 2020? I want to buy "Cameo", "Golden" and "Granny". And a little bit different question: Is anypne used Hozelock garden hoses before (first one here )? It seems that it's handy system, but i have a common hose (i tired to pick up it after every use), so i'm not sure that it's a value buy
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