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Qualcast 36v 2.5A 38cm Cordless Lawn Mower

Anyone got one??? if so, whats the trick in getting the grass box on and off. Understand you get what you pay for, and so far this is not to bad, but did try it after I struggled a bit getting the handle fixed together, but after about 10mins it stop, put battery on charged and it showed green, so think it was because the grass might have been a bit long and damp, so am going to give it it's 'first' cut with electric mower and see after that.


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,462
    No experience of the Qualcast, but my neighbour had a Gtech cordless. When she died I offered to keep the grass cut to make the house look like it was still occupied.  I found the Gtech worked perfectly well if the grass was cut on a weekly basis and was dry, but if the grass was a bit longer and wet the mower really struggled.  It simply didn't have enough oomph in the motor to cope.
  • Think the Gtec is a good mower but it was far above my budget, think my problem was the grass was long and wet, so that looks like you need a 'proper' mower every-now-and-again, have just done it with my 'proper' mower, now waiting for summer!!!!
  • Thanks for the above but as I already have bought the qualcast no help for me but hope it helps some, 
    Had nbig problem with mine, so in the end phoned there help line to find out there is a button at the back of battery, nothing in manual, then found out you really have to push hard on battery to connect to charger, so hopefully now got all this clear I might be happy.
  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,462
    From what I can find on t'interweb Sun Joe seems to be in the US rather than UK.
  • After being 'happy' with my mower, I am now not happy, cannot charge the battery up, phoned then up and was given a number to take it back to Home Base and get another one, why do things not work now-a-days?? :'(
  • OomkinOomkin Posts: 8
    A typical gas engine mower is 5 HP. That would be a 3700-watt electric motor. You need much higher RPMs for cutting grass than you do riding a bike.
    Then do the math on how large a battery needs to be, to supply 3700 watts, and then the weight of such battery. 
    So no electric motor on a lawn mower is going to be practical with that size motor and corresponding size battery, thus they compromise heavily and give you a smaller wattage motor, and a smaller battery.
    The reviews for these mowers are a hoot. They give them 5 stars but then state they don't work in thick grass. Well Duh!

    Think of all the commercials for lawns and lawn products! They promote lush THICK lawns. (To keep out weeds) what other kinds of a lawn is there?
  • I am now very happy with my cordless Qualcast, sorted out the battery problem, and now I just love it, my battery must last about an hour, does me for about 3 cuts of my 'little' lawn,
  • qualcast get grass box on...hold it a little higher,(2 or  3 inches. experiment) put side bar on box  over locator  one side,then pull (or push)the other one to position .....then push down
  • Thanks for reply, think I have the hang of it now,
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