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Daphne eternal fragrance looking sad

I have two daphne eternal fragrance in pots in all purpose compost by my south facing front door they are looking rather sad with only a dozen leaves on the top , some of which are yellow. I bought these last May so the compost is quite fresh.
I know they hate repotting  any suggestions please


  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,867
    Could we have a photo? Why not plant them in the soil?
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  • Because my soil is extremely alkaline also I want to keep them at the front of the house where their perfume  can be enjoyed every yime someone comes to my front door 
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,199
    Hi Christine - compost isn't enough for shrubs which are planted long term in a pot. You need a soil based compost, or some soil mixed in, to give them enough sustenance. I'm guessing that's a likely reason, although I'd expect they could also be very dry. The pots could be getting a lot of shelter from the house walls/eaves and with it being so hot and dry last summer, they could have got very dehydrated. It's difficult to rehydrate potted specimens  properly once they get dry. 

    As your own soil isn't suitable, you could possibly get a bag of soil from a GC or similar, and mix that with the compost to pot them up with.  :)
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  • debs64debs64 Posts: 4,921
    Can I recommend you take a few cuttings when possible as I know these are expensive and sometimes difficult plants. I rooted 2 cuttings in water last summer and they are growing well in their little pots! 
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,166
    with a dozen leaves at the top and some of them yellow I think this is on the way out. Daphnes will grow in alkaline soil, it's what I have and Daphnes are fine

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  • Thats cheerful news.... I have tended them so carefully and they cost over £20.00 each you dont say if you put fleece around them or anything any helpful hints would be appreciated

  • Thank you Debs for your constructive advice are your original plants actually in the earth or pots ?
  • Thank you fairygirl I will repot them in soil appreciate your constructive advice
  • This

    recommends John Innes 3 for D. Eternal Fragrance. 

    Most Daphne prefer neutral to alkaline soils. 

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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,908

    First, I must dispel a myth... they object to transplanting from the ground, but not when grown in a pot, there is no need for concern and they can withstand quite harsh treatment when the day comes ... you can root prune slicing off chunks top and sides and repot... however, as yours is fairly new, what you are seeing is typical for this time of year....  it will start to shoot out shortly and flower from the end of April as usual..
    Old yellow leaves will drop...  they do appreciate a balanced non organic feed in March..

    When repotting I use a 50/50 mix Multi Purpose and JI no. 2.. plus grit, but a good size of pot is needed... of luck, I hope you have a great summer with your plant..
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