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Fig Tree - Two small figs (Embryonic?)

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a fig tree that already has 2 small figs growing on it. Should I leave these or prune them off? As a first time owner, I can’t really tell if they’re considered the embryonic types that will eventually ripen or the useless ones that are better pinched off to save plant energy. Any thoughts?


  • If it was mine, I'd take them off and concentrate on building up the plant - it looks rather slim to be of much use for fruiting at present.
    Planting in the ground would probably be preferable - they are quite greedy plants - a sort of sunken box is a good idea - you don't want it suckering everywhere.  If it is happy in it's situation, it shouldn't take long to put some growth on. 
    If you've never kept Figs before, I think there are several threads on this forum which may help you. 
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