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  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36
    Hi all,   I am finally ready to plant my raised bed / it is in partial shade so I figure to plant hosta, heurchra and such.   I have these plants  but I dont know the names of them and am going plant shopping next week so would love to know what their names are but if anyone has any other plants that would work I would love to hear from you.

    Can anyone ID this plant and would it be suitable for partial shade area

    The hosta I have = if I cant find the same plant can I maybe split the one I have.   

  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,339
    Your first plant looks to me like Lychnis coronaria or rose campion. You can grow that in partial shade. Can't help about the hosta, sorry.  :)
  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36
    Thanks a mill for that 👍.  Very much appreciate the info
  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36
    Would you have ideas of other plants that like partial shade.   I am hoping for some colour other than greens 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,339
    Heucheras are good for partial shade and come in various colours - this will give you some idea of the range of different ones
    Astilbes if your soil is fairly moist, also hardy geraniums come in many different colours and heights, some of them will tolerate shade. More info here
    Hope this is of some help  :)
  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36
    Thanks a million for that.  I was going to try for heuchera but never thought of the others.   Thanks 😊 for all your help.   Lots to look for on my day's shopping
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