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South facing front house wall climber advice.

ssobiassobia Posts: 10
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Hi, we need some ideas on what climber to plant on either side of the front door. Our door will be replaced this year, but the colour will still be red. I have had this wisteria there for 3 years and it hasn't flowered so far. It in becoming really hard to maintain it especially since it aim to enter the alarm box and wrap itself around the guttering. I have a heart to pull it out and replace it will fragrant jasmine or a repeat flowering rose (complimentary colours?). Help and advice would be really great . Thank you !


  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 2,773
    Well, it were down to me I wouldn't have a climber at all. There are several reasons for this: climbers can damage your very attractive brickwork and play havoc with guttering and down pipes but also, you don't appear to have any open soil for it to grow in. There is almost no access for water to reach the roots and the failure of the wisteria may reflect this. To you and me that drive looks very smart but it's a desert to a plant! Why not group some pretty containers and grow something in those?
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 29,109
    I'd put some wires on the wall and train the wisteria. Show it your're in charge.
  • HortusHortus Posts: 39
    If you add wires or a trellis you can keep the wisteria but you could also plant a chocolate vine. It is just starting to come into bud now and will have purple flowers on it until about April/May. The bees love the early nectar, it is not invasive and very easy to control. This will give you colour and fragrance before your wisteria flowers to prolong the season
  • ssobiassobia Posts: 10
    edited March 2019
    Thank you for the suggestions .. we do have wires up for training the wisteria  (can't see them in the photos) ..and if you see there is rain water that waters that bed quiet adequately at the moment and my concern has always been too much water rather than too less for that bed.  I’m keeping it trimmed and adding nutrients to the soil to see if it helps to flower this year and next , that isn’t something I haven’t done in the three years we have had it. It’s otherwise growing well. I’ll look into ‘chocolate vine’ at my local nursery.. thank you :)

    I would move the viburnums to make space for an alternative climber that isn’t as fast growing but we do like the climbers otherwise. 
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