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Tree / shrub for screening

I'd like to plant a tree or shrub by the fence to screen the construction below, but don't really know what would work well. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,130
    More info please.  Where are you, which way does it face, what kind of soil do you have, how big is the rest of the garden.   

    It may be better to sink a few tall posts and put tensioned wires or trellis or a pergola structure that will give height and coverage without taking up huge 3 dimensional space with a tree but that depends on budget, skills and how you want to use your garden.
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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
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    Because there's a whole lot of shrubs/trees to choose from, it's better you let us know what type of look you want.

    Evergreen shrubs that can adapt to a wide range of conditions, take a look at  Choisya Ternata. Flowering sometimes twice a year. Viburnum Tinus with a long flowering time. For a tree-like look, a shrub like Euonymus Alatus can be used in that corner and can form a nice low tree shape.
  • Thanks for your replies. We're in NW England. The garden is east facing and not very deep - about 10m from the house to the rear boundary. I think the soil is quite loamy - but I'm a novice at this! Probably don't want anything that will take up a lot of space - but the structure behind is quite high to be screened with trellis.

    @Borderline - thanks for suggestions. Will look at those.
  • A small tree like a crab apple would distract the eye from the wooden structure, and give you attractive flowers and fruit...  I like Malus 'Harry Baker'.  The fruit makes lovely jelly too.   :)
    You'd need to plant it sufficiently far from the fence for its branches to have room to spread.
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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,851
    I'm amazed that shed or whatever it is the other side of your fence was permissible, it's far too high, the roof slants towards your garden, do you not get massive rain run off from that?.. what a friggin eyesore, excuse me saying so..

    In this instance, I would be planting two 'Castlewellan Gold' leyland conifers in that corner to cover up the monstrosity in rapid quick time... and too bad if no one else likes it... they're narrow growing too...
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  • i have a shed that looks like that on my allotment, it holds the composting toilet, i'm hoping its not the same for you!
    i agree a slender tree, like a crab apple, cherry or even a silver birch, would work well to cover it over, you can plant shorter shrubs around the base of the tree (just not too closely)
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