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Repotting Camelia.

Just wanted to ask: is it ok to put this lovely Camelia ( just bought yesterday) in bigger pot, or shall I leave it in the small pot till it’s finished flowering. Thank you


  • Personally, I would wait until it has finished flowering then prune off the old flowers and repot using ericaceous compost.  There was a recent post where someone repotted or planted (can't remember which) one while it was still in bud and the buds never opened.  While I can't be sure that was due to the shock of being repotted, it's a possibility worth bearing in mind.
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  • Ok, Thank you for your help.
  • My camelia is about 8 years old and is now very pot bound.  It still flowers abundantly every year. The pot and plant are very large, so finding anything any bigger would be a problem. I would have to cut into the top soil to be able to replace it with new, is that a possibility?
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    Monty mentioned that In today's TV guide, not camelia,but expect principal is the same
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