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Courgette varieties

A couple of years ago we procured a courgette kit containing an anonymous courgette variety. They did really well - were prolific throughout the season and more specifically were a trailing/vine variety.

Last year we bought zucchini (I believe) which grew as a bush and were not very successful at all and very difficult to get to as it was such a compact plant.  

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a trailing or vine variety of courgette as vendors don’t appear to specify this information.

Thanks in advance! :) 


  • Ante1Ante1 Posts: 2,653
    Last year I sow Atena Polka variety. Plants are very resistant, bushy, and courgette are tasty and beautiful yellow. This year I'm going to sow them again. Also I'll try variety Trombetta D Albenga.

    Atena Polka

    Trombetta D Albenga

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,737
    edited February 2019
    I grew Romanesco (an Italian trailing zucchini type) last year and was very pleased. By far the best cropping we’ve had in this garden. Really good flavour and texture too ... they didn’t go ‘fluffy’ inside even when they grew quite large having escaped notice by hiding among the runner beans.
     I’ll be growing them again.  :)
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