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Climber conundrum!

Hello helpful people! 
I have wanted to grow plants up the front of our pebble dashed house since before we moved in, but cannot decide which one(s)! 

The front of the house is lovely and sunny SW facing, but the issue is that I seem to be limited on where I can plant climbers. There is an area of concrete attached to the bottom of the house 30 cm wide along the whole length of the house. I could plant something in a pot, but have read that roses would not thrive, and likely lots of other plants would be the same... I don't know if I should try to plant the climber next to the concrete (currently gravel but can dig that up) and then train it somehow over the concrete and onto the house.. but have a feeling that might look odd! 

Has anyone done something similar or has other (better!) ideas?

I hope someone can help! I feel a bit stuck!


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Recommended planting distance from a wall is around 30 to 45 cm so into the gravel would be spot on. 
    Do you need to do any maintenance to the wall? If so maybe  group 3 clematis which you cut down every year. If not roses and clematis are always a great combination. You are right nothing in a pot will thrive without a lot of looking after.
  • Ah great! Typical me- concerned over nothing! :D Off to research climbers now! No maintenance required to the wall- I hope! I would love roses and/or clematis :)
  • Oh- another question, I really like the look and sound of Clematis Apple Blossom whch is an early flowerer, but does anyone have suggestions of a climbing rose (repeat flowerer) to pair with it?
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,624
    I would take professional advice first on whether or not it is advisable to attach wires/trellis etc to pebbledashed walls.  My understanding is that there is a risk of letting damp in behind the pebbledash which then leads to it falling off. I might well be wrong of course but you might like to check.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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