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Ivy needs to be gone!

We have an Ivy problem - it's coming in from our neighbour's garden and is now creeping along the beds to the lawn.  We are pulling it out every time we pass by in an effort to keep it under control but I just wondered, is there something we can maybe put on the leaves to kill it off?


  • I do sympathise as I have same problem from two sides. Pulling up and cutting back to fence line is a start. Then spot kill with a weed gun any new growth you see, minding other plants. It's a thankless task I know mine is made worse by bind weed as well from the same areas. It maybe a good cover/bird food habitat plant but most people don't realise how invasive it is if not kept on top of.
  • Hi just spotted this.  A thankless task it is, I have just spent 4 hours outside cutting back Ivy, Conifer and bramble all growing from the house over the back to us and I'm no were near done. This happens every year, my friend looked over and said their garden is just full of the above mentioned and household rubbish. I'm worried if I pull it down the fence will come with it, it's their fence but they are unlikely to put a new one up. 
  • My problem is that it's growing through my other plants and shrubs, so it will be difficult to treat.  I'll just have to keep pulling it up.
  • Just googled how to kill Ivy. Two ways one with Glyphosate they say to lather the vine thoroughly with vinegar garden would smell nice just like fish and chip :D  
  • Vinegar may kill leaves ... I really can’t see how it would kill the roots tho  :/

    We dug out the huge amount of ivy roots here and then painted any regrowth with glyphosate ... that was 2011/12 ... we don’t have an ivy problem now  :)

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    Wot Dove said! I've done the same and it does work but might need a few goes.
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  • Yes, I saw something about vinegar but you've still got to watch the other plants otherwise they'll go too!
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