The Evil Weevil - Battle for the Soil

MayLaneMayLane Posts: 184
Last April / May we noticed many plants in the garden such as our Red Robins and Dogwood were being eaten alive. They were in raised beds. We reported a dwarf apple tree and found the grubs in the pots. 

We treated with nematodes but come the summer our Dogwood barely had a leaf untouched and each evening we pulled off 70 - 100 adult beetles. I'm convinced I could hear them munching. It put me off mackeral on toast because it looked like crushed weevil.

Walking around the estate it is riddled with weevil. It is 4 years old and next to common land. I think the builders may have planted contaminated shrubs and trees. Everyones front garden is being munched.

Treated with nematodes in the autumn.

Dug up the four Dogwood today to replace with Mexican Orange Bloosom as they didn't get eaten. The Dogwood had strong roots and I picked out maybe 50 odd small grubs. I wonder whether the nematodes worked or the grubs are too small to see? I would have expected more. But it was only part of the flower bed. How deep do they live?

I have nematodes on order. I'll be treating ever 6 - 8 weeks till the autumn. And I have slate on top of all the pots. 

Hoping I can contain the damage this year. 


  • MayLaneMayLane Posts: 184
    I've found an adult weevil today. Anyone else found one yet? My Fatsias look really bitten up. 
  • Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 174
    Found two grubs today while digging only a small hole for a plant. Treated the soil with nematodes last autumn, so was a bit disappointed to find them. 
    Not sure what to do now, another round of nematodes? 🤔
  • MayLaneMayLane Posts: 184
    I have some on order. Had a real issue last year. Hope it isn't going to be worse this year.

    Anyone try the adult traps? I had 4 but I'm not convinced they worked.
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 4,800
    I found an adult one the other day @MayLane.
    Was clearing out the greenhouse and spotted it hiding underneath a stack of gravel trays when I turned them over. Sneaky little devil 😡.
    The crunch it made underfoot was very satisfying 😊.
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 1,260
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    Just found some grubs while repotting a Sedum.The soil was very gritty and dry and had a layer of sharp gravel on top,all of which are supposed to deter Vine weevil,but of course does not work!
    The problem with nematodes is you need to keep the soil moist and can only apply when above a certain temperature which Sedums and other succulents won't tolerate.
    Will be using Vine Weevil Killer as it seems to be the only thing that really kills them.
    Kitty 2 said: 
    The crunch it made underfoot was very satisfying 😊.
    Yes,very satisfying!!!!
    “Every day is ordinary, until it isn't.” - Bernard Cornwell-Death of Kings
  • Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 174
    I thought Vine Weevil killer only kills the grown insects but not the grubs. While nematodes only kill the grubs, but not the insects. Maybe I’m mistaken? But if so it looks like both of them would need to be applied to achieve some kind of success. 
    Last year they ate alive two of my young roses. Literally all leafs were gone. So definitely need to be more vigilant this year. 😠
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 589
    I had trouble every year with vine weevil attacking Heuchera plants in pots and one year they even attacked one in the ground, it wasn't a big problem because Heuchera plants are so resilient that I would salvage the stems by soaking them in water for a few days which would drown any remaining grubs and just change the compost and replant the leaf stems which would grow again, Hucheras need splitting and replanting every now and again so it did them good in a way. However last year I had started growing strawberries and was concerned about them so I bought some vine weevil nematodes and treated the Heucheras, strawberries, primula auriculas and blueberries grown in containers, I was sceptical about the results but they seemed to have worked, if the heucura hasn't been attacked then I will rest assured that the nematodes have worked, I haven't tipped out the Heuchera from its pot to inspect the roots yet but it doesn't seem to be wilting, everything else looks fine too.
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