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Philadelphus as a wall shrub

Does philadelphus work as a wall shrub? If so which varieties work best? Do they need training? How deep/fertile does the soil need to be? Will they grow well in pots? Will they be fine facing East or West? Would they need tying in or not? 
Thanks. I really want one and have a wall I could grow one against but not sure it would work. 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,330
    I have 3 varieties.
    You could plant any of them close to a wall - but always plant at least 18" from the wall.
    The quite large (10ft) P. Virginal has very woody stems, but the young stems are quite pliable.
    P. coronarius 'Aureus' has quite wiry stems that could easily be bent. Mine grow to about 6ft.
    The other one I have is the tiny but very pretty P.  'Manteau d'Hermine'.
    But if you're thinking to train like a climbing rose across a wide wall, philadelphus wont work.
    I don't grow any in pots so can't advise.
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