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Evening all!
im going to start a garden diary- I should have started one before! I want to record temperatures etc and sowing planting times, success/failures especially in the veg plot. I’ve thought about using the computer but I like the idea of writing it down- perhaps it’s the romantic in me! How do you organise your hand written diaries? Do you have 2- one to record and one for jobs and how do you collate the information, or do you just look through it at year end? How long do you keep it? I’ve ordered a trug and some dungarees (fed up of builders butt! 😂) and feel a diary will complete my Utopian/good life fantasy lol! 😬😁... although pea pod wine is not on my list... yet! 😬


  • Avoid computers like the plague. Sooner or later it'll break and you'll realise you haven't backed it up and, bingo!, you've lost the lot. Can't beat the ol' papyrus :smile:
  • FlinsterFlinster Posts: 883
    Agreed!... until it falls in the water butt! 😂 I like the idea of writing, so I don’t forget how! 😬
  • It'll handle the water butt a lot better than the computer :smile:

    The only thing to be said for the computer is that it makes searching for things from, say, three years ago a lot easier.
  • FlinsterFlinster Posts: 883
    True! I thought about having a card index for each vegetable so I can log which varieties have gone well rather that fishing through the diary..
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