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Young multistem avocado needs help

Hi I have taken up a hobby of planting and looking after 3 beautiful avo plants (from seed) they are now 7months old but one of them is a multistem (having two stems growing from one seed too close together to be viable in their future years) - this I still count as one plant. With the autumn months coming towards end of March, they are all due for a reporting to much larger pots which should sustain them for the next two years. I feel it necessary to separate the multistem to give each individual plant the best nutrition and least competition for space and light. How can you safely perform this with the least damage done to the plant?
Hope someone has come across this before. I know avos to be notorious for being sensitive and frankly, full of sh*t. 
Any advice is welcome but please keep it constructive. 


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,893
    Where are you, Southern hemisphere I take it? I'm getting ready to repot a similar plant ready for spring here. It's woken up and produced a few nice new leaves already but the roots are sticking out of the pot now. The second stem on mine seems pretty weak but I'm just going to give it a chance and let it go bushy. If it's 7 months old why not start another seed going just in case this one doesn't work out?
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,627
    Generally speaking, if you're growing avocadoes as house plants they are best discarded after just a few years as they really do want to be trees and can't be accommodated in a normal house.

    However, as you seem to be in the southern hemisphere maybe you can grow it outside for most, if not all the year.   This site may have the answers you need -

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  • Thank you both for the advice!
    Yes I am in the Southern Hemisphere - South Africa to be precise. I do however not want to keep them as houseplants, the pots are only a temporary home for them until I have access to soil and space to plant them in.
    Ultimately I would like to separate the multistem to give both plants enough space and to grow on their own time and become healthy trees at a later stage.

    I will have a look at the link you shared, Obelixx, thank you very much.
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