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Watering a greenhouse peach tree planted in the ground


I am looking for advice on when I should start watering my peach tree. Based in scotland I have a peach tree planted in the ground inside my greenhouse and I’m never sure when I should start watering or even if I should be watering it over the winter months. Although I got around 20 juicy peaches from the tree last year I had a big problem with deformed fruit that had to be removed and I read somewhere it was because the tree didn’t get enough water in the summer months the year before so again some general advice on watering would be greatly appreciated!



  • Perth_KevPerth_Kev PerthPosts: 4
  • Hi Foggy, I have a nectarine and a peemto peach in the greenhouse. I water it as though it was outside from a big tub of rain water and as soon as it’s slightly warm outside ( probably last month in Scotland) keep the door open. The leaves are just showing and it’s full of blossom now. I find that two trees are best as they give a better pollination as I read that cross pollination gives a firm set and you don’t have too much drop. I am on the look out for red spider mite , keep the soil and greenhouse floor wet to deter these and watch out for scale on the back of the trunk. Next, I have a plan of feeding as soon as the fruit start to swell. Concentrated seaweed, a dressing of potash as it’s stone fruit and a hand full of sulfate of ammonia. Putting a bunch of flowers at the entrance to the greenhouse I hope to attract bees in there otherwise I pollinate with a sable brush. Large crops are delt with by cutting in half to get rid of the stone and then I roast for 15 mins prior to freezing for the winter. Nectarines are pink fleshed then and my Rochester ( outside) is golden yellow. Hope this is useful for you. Val
  • Perth_KevPerth_Kev PerthPosts: 4
    Thanks for the advice Valerie, really appreciate it! Yes the red spider mites were a real problem last year. I’ll follow your advice this year and see if that helps! The peach’s are showing already, I’ve thinned them out and it looks like being a good year!
  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 18,004
    Have either of you had to deal with shothole fungus?

    My peach tree in a pot (outside in warm weather, in the conservatory in frosty weather) first got it three years ago. It almost died because I didn’t recognise the seriousness of the problem and catch it until it was almost too late.

    Sprayed it with some ancient Bordeaux mixture until the whole thing was bright blue and it lived but lost every leaf and of course every fruit.

    Last summer, the Bordeaux mixture remaining on the branches seemed to have sorted it out and it didn’t get shothole fungus. It fruited beautifully.

    But this year it’s back. I’ve tried all the usual Fungus Fighter type sprays but nothing seems to be helping much and it’s slowly going bald and the fruits aren’t swelling much.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Perth_KevPerth_Kev PerthPosts: 4
    Hi @pansyface,

    Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with that. My tree is inside a greenhouse in the ground so not sure if that helps avoid it. Sounds like something to be avoided!

    good luck!
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