Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill'

MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 1,113
Coming up for full bloom... if you have room for a fragrant large shrub, then you might want to consider this... it does take time to establish but worth it... I much prefer it to Sarcococca confusa which flowers for about 2 weeks and is dull for the next 50,... this one flowers for 12 weeks, can start mid Dec, or usually early Jan, and finishes early to mid April... at its best Feb/March...  very hardy...any soil.. I keep it about 8 x 4 foot, but it's capable of 12 x 6...

...and for the rest of the year...well, you just grow a rose through it...

..enjoy your gardening... Spring will soon be here...


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 12,600
    It is only a slow grower though. Mine was about 4 ft tall and six years old when the minus 15C frost killed it.
    I used to think of it as a giant hyacinth. In the middle of winter, a gorgeous perfume.
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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 1,113
    Oh I'm sorry you lost your plant... it can be slow at first but to its advantage I think... I've had mine about 10 years here in Fenland East Anglia... and the lowest temps would be -12 to -15C that I had one year.. most of us probably don't get worse than that these days,  but I probably wouldn't plant it in the far north...  yes the scent is like Hyacinths come to think of...it certainly wafts..
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    That looks lovely Marlorena but you do need the room to grow it. I planted the gold margined Daphne (forget its name) last year and excited to see blooms on it now. 
  • Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 114
    Sounds like a great plant Marlorena, especially since it lets other plants grow through in the summer.

    I bought Daphne Perfume Princess last year and was wondering if somebody has ever tried to grow it in a pot. I currently have it in a pot, it even survived one night by -5C (I forgot to take her in), but I still wonder if it would rather prefer to grow in the ground.
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    Thanks so much... glad you liked my plant...  @Big Blue Sky  I don't know that Daphne but what I do know is that once planted they really do not want to be moved again, you can lose them if you do, so it's important to get it right first time... I did get away with it once but these are tricky ones for moving, even when young..

    I have another Daphne in a pot, 'Eternal Fragrance' which may be similar to the one you have...  it's been unprotected for at least 8 years, I never fuss over it.. very tough plants I find..  I repot every 3 years, and in this case it can take quite rough treatment, I slice off chunks from the outside and base,  like cutting a large cake.. and repot...

    I think your Daphne is a recent introduction and by all accounts one of the best, so I wish you luck with it...
  • Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 114
    Thank you for sharing your experience about Eternal Fragrance @Marlorena ;
    I too think this Daphne would be very similar to my Perfume Princess, so good to know that they are happy enough growing in a pot. I just would need to remember to replant it after a few years (or who knows, I might find a nice spot in the garden for her by then). :)
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 1,113
    That'll be good !...  I might get one of those Perfume Princesses actually.. all the good things I keep hearing about it... 
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