Basil and mint problem

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Hi All, new to the site and wonder if anyone can help. I have basil and mint growing in my kitchen by the window. I have noticed that both have these little what looks like flies on then also the are one or two little black flies on both. Any advice on what to do please.

Many thanks. 


  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 13,545
    Spray with diluted washing up liquid.   You need to do this again in about a weeks time in case you missed any. 
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    Hi Lyn, I thought of this but was worried as we will be eating both herbs. I have just cut off the top few leave's that were heavily infested, hopefully that will help. Thinking about it you wouldn't have suggested spraying if it would make them uneatable so I'm off to give it a go. 

    Many thanks for your reply. 
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    Just be careful to rinse well before using - which you'd do anyway cos of the flies.
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    Thanks for that Obelixx. Your right I would always wash them be they indoor or outdoor herbs.
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