Anyone done any gardening today? Part 5



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    😂 will do!
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    That reminds me of our garden when we first started @Flinster. It was a new build and there was tons of stuff just like that about 1" under the surface. One particularly large stone l kept and put my gnome on top of (please don't judge me !) Every time l look at it it reminds me what this garden used to be like 30 years ago!  You've done a good job there, time to have a cup of tea, a sit down in one of those chairs, and enjoy the sunshine  B)
    As for me, l potted up 5 or 6 hostas that l divided from MIL's plant last autumn, washed all the pots , and found hedgehog poo on the patio. So chuffed, the feeding station is ready and the batteries for the camera are being charged. Bet he or she doesn't turn up tonight, but fingers crossed. 
    Still haven't sown the seeds though.....
  • FlinsterFlinster Posts: 615
    How exciting to have a hog!
    the good new is that our next door neighbour is filling in a very deep pond so he can help us get rid of some of this! And as luck would have it one of his fence panels came down in the wind so direct access... it’s fate! 😀
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    It seems like you have it all sorted Flinster - a good neighbourly initiative going on there.
    As we are now both retired we can enjoy a day of virtual rest - so we sat in our garden listened to the birds, chatted to the neighbours and generally relaxed.  I did put the tortoises outside for their first day of sunshine and fresh air and then we watered the greenhouse and the fruiting plants in the veg patch.
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    Hello all , spent 6 hours at allotment repairing gate/posts , having a couple of beers 🍻 before dinner 
    I see we have all been busy 
    Happy gardening everybody 
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    I started tidying the ‘rockery’ as the Japanese Forest grass needed last year’s growth removing to reveal the lush new shoots. It’s the easiest thing to clear as just comes away in your hand like straw. Did some general pottering, weeding, tidying and drinking of tea then. 

    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
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    Well done @Flinster

    I did some more of my fence without my helper unfortunately, so still some painting and attaching to do.  Hopefully the new metpost will have set correctly by tomorrow.

    Cut the lawn, added cardboard to the resulting heap.  

    Put it up some herbs on the fence.

    It was a nice sunny day, despite my other half trying her hardest to make every aspect miserable.
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    Despite feeling poorly, I pushed my garden trolley with all my gardening gear in it all the way to the local school, only to find they've changed the code on the gate lock again so trudged back home. After coffee and a sit down, started on the last bit of ivy pulling out, did put a mask on this time, but with safety glasses all steamed up, couldn't see, so did without. Spent ages trying to disentangle a honeysuckle strand, only to find out I'd accidentally cut through the bit I was trying to save - not my day obviously.
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    Dear me Lizzie, not the best day!

    A mixed day here. Dig in a couple of bags of manure into my new border, dug out a sea of yarrow from my other border, dug up some allium self seeders which are sulking, so will have to see if they survive, relocated some forget-me-not to the pond edges, tidied up a honeysuckle, sowed some chilli seeds (last lot of a pack- none of the seeds have germinated, so not impressed!), thinned mizuna seedlings and that’s about it....
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    Blimey @Flinster, you're wearing me out just reading about it. Finally got some seeds sown, gaura, verbena bonariensis, aquilegia and agastache. Still have load to do, but happy to make a start. Also have dahlias and begonias to get going, luckily the forecast looks good this week. I just need to fit it in with everything else l need to do.
    @Lizzie27 hope you are feeling better now and got the ivy out with no ill effects. 
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