Anyone done any gardening today? Part 5



  • Hampshire_HogHampshire_Hog Hampshire Coast 100m from the seaPosts: 753
    edited 13 February
    Sound's like everyone has got the garden bug again, it's just great how a little dry weather sunshine and getting your hands dirty makes us feel so good.

    Unfortunately that thing called S*d's law has caught me out with the wife taking a turn for the worst so I have been stuck indoors with doctors and nurses attending each day but were optimistic that she is on the mend again but it will take some time. So allotment has to go on hold    

    On the bright side all the seeds I have sown at home have germinated now, and I can sow a few Tom's and cucumber once the seed arrives today or tomorrow. 

    "You don't stop gardening because you get old, you get old because you stop gardening." - The Hampshire Hog
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 1,249
    Was going to do Tom seeds today but baking got in the way ( unexpected influx of eggs) so bread and meringue made instead. Maybe tomorrow,  oh wait valentines OH will want a nice meal . Sheesh.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 3,049
    How inconsiderate purplerallim!  ;) Hampshire Hog, l hope your wife is better very soon and you can get back to the allotment  - at least you have the seed sowing to be getting on with  :)
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 2,604
    Commiserations HH. Hope your wife gets better soon.
    Having had a much needed back and shoulder massage, I felt okay this afternoon to finally finish my hedge project, spreading 11 bags of bark chips over the debris. Looks much better so hope the neighbours appreciate it!       
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 4,800
    Have had very spring-like weather outside in the sunshine for the past couple of days. Have done some general tidying up and jetwashed the patio nearest the house. 
    Happy to see some crocosmia Lucifer seedlings emerging in the cold frame, pinched out the autumn sown sweet peas.

    Got round to assembling the tubular staging shelves in the conservatory and set up the propagator, ready for seed sowing. Just need to buy some compost and sort through my seed tin next. 🌱😀

    Sorry to read that your wife is unwell HH. I hope she's feeling better soon.
  • FlinsterFlinster Posts: 615
    Dig out and levelled the last bit of ground ready for hardcore And finished levelling paths between veg beds. Then carried 20x60L bags of wet composted manure up hill from the front of the house to the back, it almost broke me with the added bonus of eau de horse! I hoofed 10 of them into beds and then just had to stop for a cup of tea and to cook dinner... is it wine o’clock yet? Cream crackered!!
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 1,733
    Over the past few days I have built a new raised bed with scaffold boards and been barrowing compost, both home made and council green waste compost we have had delivered to the plots. I am having another go at a no dig raised bed, they have never worked for me in the past always ended up like concrete & full of perennial weed. Trying cardboard underneath as weed suppressant, and using mostly compost & little soil, as recommended by Charles Dowding we will see if this works any better!
    AB Still learning

  • FlinsterFlinster Posts: 615
    That’s that’s exactly what I’m doing Allotmentboy! 😀
  • Logan4Logan4 West MidlandsPosts: 1,387
    Planted some polyanthus and tyding the lawn edges and cutting away a bit more to make the borders wider.
  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 5,337
    Sorry to read that your wife has been unwell, and hope that this Spring like weather will give her a much needed boost. We transplanted a few wild violet plants, I repotted more seedlings sown last Autumn (in greenhouse) and sorted through my seed packets ready for a mammoth sowing session next week (I hope). OH mowed field border - path. 
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