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Anyone done any gardening today? Part 5



  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 3,658
    Minimal going on here. I brought my Jade and Lemon Verbena inside from the back porch to an unheated room. I cleared some leaves and moved a few pots. No leaves left on any of my trees now - thank goodness for evergreen shrubs and trees. Will be doing a forage of green foiliage tomorrow for my annual wreath and floral display craft making. 
    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 5,859
    Had to cut down very reluctantly our rowan tree - right plant, wrong spot. It was too close to our garage.
  • HouseFinchHouseFinch British Columbia, Canada (Zone 5)Posts: 325
    Just got out the last 4 bags of leaves onto the garden-all areas are fully mulched now. Now we are sitting back and enjoying the snow.
  • cornellycornelly Posts: 894
    Turned over the compost heap, looks full but will rot down nicely, and did some weeding in the tear drop flower bed, from the edge too wet still to go onto the bed.
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 2,486
    Trip to Allotments today too wet underfoot to do much sorted the Apple store as a mouse seems to have found it's way in  :s
    AB Still learning

  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 6,958
    Took advantage of the bright, still conditions. Wiped down condensation in greenhouse and checked over potted bulbs. Pulled out the last of the white nemesias in a pot, and spread the compost over the flower bed. Picked up leaves from on and around the hydrangeas. Had a walk round picking up any random stuff and cut back Michaelmas daisies and just general checking over things. 
    Not strictly gardening,  but moved the solar lights so that they catch any available sunlight.
    3 weeks until Christmas and nights drawing out again ! 

  • We prepared the soil in the field enriching it with manure and home made compost.  Heavy work for OH whilst my job was to pop the willow cuttings into the ground to give us some privacy in years to come. That took up most of our morning and we haven't finished the hedging yet.  More bare rooted plants and Silver Birch to follow over the w/end.
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 5,859
    I only had time to pull up some dead iris leaves and general debris. The wisteria has started to drop its leaves over the bed below it, so yet another leaf clearing job to be done - when it's a bit warmer!
  • WilderbeastWilderbeast East YorkshirePosts: 672
    Pricked out teasels hopefully they will do ok in our meadow area to add some height. Despite the lack of green in the garden the cardoons look amazing in the frost 
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 2,486
    Just some more leaf clearing after the wind & rain last night.
    AB Still learning

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